Guide To Football Sure Betting: Never Lose Another Wager!

There are millions of different football gambling strategies out there with gurus claiming they can deliver you amazing returns. However, there are only 2 football wagering strategies that are 100% legal that will guarantee you a profit, sure and matched betting.
In this guide, we are going to explain these two simple yet effective strategies and show you how you could use them to start winning your next football bet! Let’s get started!

How Does Football Sure Betting Work?

Sure betting, also known as arbitrage gambling takes advantage of the different odds set by bookmaker sites on the same football match. Online sportsbooks each have their own methodology for creating odds which is why you frequently notice differences between the sites. By betting the same match on two different online sportsbooks which have different odds you can guarantee yourself a victory! Check out an example below:

Let’s say Chelsea is taking on Man City in a massive top-of-the-table clash. Sportsbook A believes Chelsea is likely to win as they are in a good form and are the home side. They have set the odds at 2.00 for a Chelsea victory, 3.50 for a Draw and are paying out 4.00 if Man City manages to secure the victory.

On the other hand, Sportsbook B sees the game a little differently and thinks Man City’s chances of winning are much higher due to the return of some key players and the fact they need to win to keep their dreams of qualifying for the Champions League alive. Sportsbook B has 2.5 odds for a Chelsea win, 3.5 for a draw, and a Man City win at 3.00 odds.

To lock in a guaranteed profit all you need to do is gamble on all 3 of these outcomes and correctly split your stake. Check out how to take advantage of these differing odds below:

Let’s say you have $100 and you want to lock up a victory and maximize a return you would first place a $42.75 wager on Chelsea to win the match with Sportsbook B. Then you would wager $30.50 on the match ending in a draw at either sportsbook and finally you would place $26.70 at Sports A on Man City to win. If you follow this strategy no matter the outcome of the football match you will walk away with a $6 profit. While this may not seem like much it is guaranteed money and if you increase your stake size or make multiple sure wagers a day you can quickly earn some serious cash!

How To Find Sure Bets?

champions league final bettingFinding arbitrage opportunities is not as difficult as you think! While you may spend hours browsing the football gambling markets and comparing odds across different sites, there is a better way.
There are sites and gambling software that automatically scan different online sportsbooks and instantly alert you to arbitrage opportunities. This gambling software is very lightweight but still incredibly powerful and within a few minutes can scan through 10s of thousands of different odds and find you football games with a great sure prediction strategy.
This arbitrage software allows you to filter by specific football leagues and online sportsbooks so you are able to easily find opportunities on sites where you have already registered.
As odds are dynamic and constantly shifting you need to be incredibly quick. Once you have identified an opportunity, you need to quickly login into your betting accounts and place the wager before the market swings and the chance of guaranteed profit disappears!

What Do You Need To Make Sure Football Bets?

Making sure wagers is incredibly simple! All you need to get started is the following:
Accounts at multiple sportsbooks – It could take time to register at a sportsbook. By the time you sign up and get your account verified the arbitrage opportunity may have disappeared. This is why you need to already have active gambling accounts, the more, the better! We recommend you sign up to at least 5 gambling sites.
Funds in your account – When you identify an arbitrage spot you need to act quickly to secure the odds. You could increase your speed by already having money in your account.
Software – Finally you need software that will automate your process and help you identify football games with arbitrage opportunities.
With these 3 things, you could start making cash on over every football bet you make!

What Other Strategies Are Similar to Sure Football Bets?

Another strategy that is similar to sure betting is known as matched predictions. With this strategy, you take advantage of free wager offers provided by online sportsbooks to guarantee yourself a profit. Check out an example below!
Let’s say Arsenal is taking on Tottenham and the bookmakers expect the match to be really close with each team capable of winning and the odds of Arsenal winning are 2.00.
You have signed up to a sportsbook and received a $20 free wager. You take this $20 and wager on Arsenal to win. You then go to an exchange and lay $9.52 on Arsenal not to win at 2.1 odds. Whether Arsenal wins or loses you earn a $9.52 profit!
The secret to this strategy is finding a football game where the odds for a team to win and not lose are very close. You also need to find a free bet deal that allows you to gamble on any football match you like! To access a free wager deal simply create an account at a sportsbook offering this promotion and claim the deal.

Time To Bet On Football Now

If you follow our strategy you will be able to make a profit on every single one of your wagers! Remember to only gamble when you find the football game with the perfect odds. Let’s get started and earn big money!