What to look for when selecting a new betting site?

With hundreds of online sports betting platforms now in operation, knowing which site to open an account with is no easy feat. With that being said, we at AgainstFootball.org have created a brief guide to help you along the way.

What to look for when selecting a new betting site?

Within it, we list some of the key factors that you should look for when selecting a new betting site. By following our tips, you stand the best chance possible of finding a sportsbook that meets your individual betting needs.

  1. Regulation and Reputation

Your first port of call should be the regulatory standing of the betting site in question. At an absolute minimum, the platform must be regulated by the Gambling Commission. In fact, the platform would be operating illegally if it was not in possession of a Gambling Commission license, so make sure that you check this before signing up.

On top of this, you should also evaluate how established the platform is in the online space. Although there is nothing wrong with newly established betting sites, you should still check what the platform’s reputation is like in the public domain.

  1. Betting Markets

One of our biggest gripes in the online gambling space is when online betting websites offer a minute number of markets. While they might claim to cover the vast majority of sports, when you access the specific event that you want to bet on, you might find that the number betting markets on offer is super thin.

As such, we would suggest that you explore the number of betting markets on the platform before signing up – especially on less popular sports such as rugby, badminton, snooker, and darts. If it looks comprehensive, then you might be onto a winner.

  1. Odds

Perhaps most importantly, you need to assess what sort of odds the betting site in question typically pays. Once again, not only should you explore the major markets like football, tennis, and basketball – but you should also check less popular sports, too.

The reason for this is that the betting site might offer more competitive odds on bigger events, but less favourable odds on smaller games. Ultimately, choosing a betting operator that offers below-average odds is going to go against you in the long-run.

  1. In-play and Cashout features

If you’re a seasoned online gambler, then you’ll likely know the importance of the in-play markets. They essentially allow you to gamble on games while the match is still in-play. As the odds are typically generated by automated algorithms, you stand the chance of outsmarting the bookmaker if you can read the game well.

At the other end of the spectrum, it’s also useful if the sports betting website offers a Cashout feature. This is where you can cash your bet out early if you feel that the game is about to go against you. Although you will get less than what the bet would have paid if you held on until the end, it’s an excellent insurance policy to have in place.

  1. Payment Methods

The final tip that we at AgainstFootball.org have for you is with respect to payment methods. You can all-but guarantee that traditional debit/credit cards will be accepted, as this is the preferred payment option for most players.

However, it’s also worth exploring whether the platform accepts popular e-wallets like PayPal. These allow you to receive your winnings significantly faster than debit/credit cards, with most withdrawal requests processed within 24 hours.

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